Discreet Marketing 


For Vendors:


The traditional school of thought in estate agency is: “the more exposure the better”. Whilst maximum exposure certainly will get the most people to see your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the right people are. In addition, this method can feel quite invasive, particularly those in sensitive situations or wanting to keep their move a private matter.

For those who are wanting to move but don’t want the whole world to find out, Robin King Estate Agents has a solution: Discreet Marketing. This is where properties are not marketed conventionally in newspapers, online and with for sale boards, but instead we use our extensive database; individually matching suitable applicants to the property.

Discreet marketing can also benefit those who would like to test the market but don’t want to risk their property going stale through over-exposure. Viewing feedback from carefully selected applicants can give an accurate picture of whether the price is right. This can also be useful if you have just started looking and feel tentative about selling before finding, allowing you to look at your own pace.

Robin King Estate Agents can tailor this service to meet your requirements. So, if you wish to remain offline but still advertise locally, or only appear online; we can adjust our service to suit you.


For Purchasers:


If you are actively looking for a property and are relying on trawling the internet alone, you could be missing out. To increase your chances of finding the perfect home, register with us to be introduced to properties you won’t find anywhere else. This is particularly common for the most exclusive properties at higher price points (with up to 25% of £1,000,000+ properties being sold in this way).


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